About Pronuben

Productos y Nutrientes para Bebés S.L. (PRONUBEN BABY) is a Spanish company born in 2008, with a very particular and clear idea of how infant nutrition should work worldwide.

Our activity started in 2008, after 8 years of a very deep research work from our pharmaceutical and commercial team. The expertise and background that they accumulated in this field while working in Asia, Africa and Europe, ended up with a very clear idea of the formulations and products that we subsequently designed and manufactured.


Our target since this project was initiated was very clear: we wanted to develop a portfolio of top quality, European manufactured products that could cover the children’s nutritional needs since the very first day until their 3rd year of age.
Bringing the quality and security of European food products to different countries, we can ensure that every child that is being fed with PRONUBEN BABY products is given the best possible nutrition during the most exigent stage of their growth, the first 1000 days.
This is why we pursue modernity and excellence for all our products, partners and services. Because infant nutrition gives no second chance.


Quality Means

There is no such thing as fragile as a babies diet. Everything a baby eats, ends up being an important part of the person they will become the day of tomorrow.
This is the reason why PRONUBEN BABY has more than 10 different product quality controls and analysis for every different criteria (Ex. Traceability, Physicochemical, bacteriological, sensorial & organoleptic as well as absence of contaminants or pesticides).

Great service means Consolidation

PRONUBEN BABY doesn’t only provide you with the products you need, that is just the beginning.
Our partners will receive 24/7 support with exclusive treatment for every area and during every stage of the project. Our partners will have administrative and documentary advice for the initial stage as well as a two- way support plan once the implantation in the market is done: The medical representatives will receive tech- nical support for their visits and your company will profit from our marketing and branding strategies and plans.

Commitment means Success

We strongly commit with the quality of our products and services, with the transparency to our partners and with the exclusive and long-term nature of the relationships we establish.