PRONUBEN BABY. Founded in 2010 and consolidated in Spain with international projection and dedicated to the development, exportation and commercialization of baby feeding products (infant powder milk, purees, cereals…).

PRONUBEN features many specialized professionals which have an intense formation and experience with infant feeding products, international commerce and business development. We base our activity on three main values: quality, flexibility and modernity.

All PRONUBEN BABY´s products have been developed with the most advanced technologies for infant feeding, under the strictest certifications regarding manufacture and procedures. Always with the aim of providing the highest quality guarantee and feeding security. 

PRONUBEN cares about the whole family welfare, specially about the youngest. We use all our knowledge and illusion to bring healthy infant feeding to every international market. 

For us, the biggest commitment is the confidence relationship generated after the creation of a product intended for babies, because anywhere it is consumed, they will always be the most exigent jury. Because of this reason, PRONUBEN will always fulfil the needs of your baby.